Shareholder Services

Shareholder Services

Security analysts, portfolio managers and representatives of financial institutions seeking information about the company should contact Investor Relations.


If you have questions about Allstate common stock that you hold through a broker, contact your broker.

Our transfer agent can provide information or assistance on individual stock records, dividend reinvestment, dividend checks, 1099DIV and 1099B tax forms, direct deposit of dividend payments, or stock certificates.

For information about the Allstate 401 (k) Savings Plan, call the Allstate Benefits Center at (888) 255-7772.

For information about Allstate’s preferred stock, contact your broker or visit our Preferred Stock webpage.

Electronic Delivery Enrollment
We offer shareholders of our common stock the benefits of electronic delivery, including:

  • Speed: Immediate receipt of annual meeting materials, including the Notice of Annual Meeting, Proxy Statement and Annual Report
  • Convenience: You can vote online at your convenience.
  • Environmentally friendly e-delivery reduces the company’s paper use and costs.

Enroll in, change or cancel electronic delivery of annual meeting materials (Notice of Annual Meeting, Proxy Statement and Annual Report, proxy card/voting instruction form).